About HSAT

HSAT - Who we are

HSAT was founded with the objective of using the very latest satellite technology together with cutting edge data analytics to help organizations make better decisions.

We aim to provide insights in the form of dashboards, alerts, or even custom APIs so that organizations have the right information at the right time – be it traders, insurers, farmers or NGOs.

HSAT - What we do

We address business problems using the best available data sources to drive new insights and improve decisions.

After understanding the core issue we will use our deep knowledge of satellite technology to identify the correct satellite imagery (e.g. single image, stereoscopic, radar, laser), then combine this with
relevant client and industry data.

These combined data sources will then be analysed using computer vision, pattern recognition, machine learning and other scientific methods to provide a better understanding of the factors impacting an organization’s business environment. This insight can predict events and enable early action to drive growth, decreases costs or gain greater market share.

HSAT - How we can help

Organizations need to understand their supply chain; changing market demands; the risk environment they operate in, and decrease negative effects on climate change and other ESG considerations.

Access to new data sources can drive knowledge and insights which allow decisions impacting these factors to be made wisely.

Data to Information to Decisions

We work across industries

Case Study: Fish Farming

To better understand the risks to their stock a client combines satellite data (water temp, currents, water quality, pollutants) with historical information from the site, including loss of stock. This data is then used to predict and mitigate risks to the health of fish.

Case Study: Soft Commodities
To understand the global supply of sugar cane a client used satellite data to predict yields in regions where measuring sugar is historically inaccurate.

This required a combination of technical understanding of satellite capabilities and building custom algorithms