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Data Analytics on a Global Scale

Advanced-data analytics is fundamental to our work, we process petabytes of data every month and use trillions of data points to built global scale models.

We work across the entire range of data skills – from the extraction of complex data sets to building complex machine learning models, and from data engineering to deploying elegant dashboards.

To achieve this, we have a team of data scientists and data engineers with PhDs with backgrounds in maths and physics, along with industry experts – with a background in defence, engineering and financial services.

We work to the highest levels of security – having worked in some of the most demanding organizations.


How we can help

We help provide insights and understanding – to make your company more competitive. We work with you to understand your challenges and provide a bespoke solution based on your requirements. We bring together satellite data and other alternative data (weather, foot traffic, drone data, etc) together with artificial intelligence to provide new insights

Our services can vary from advising on the best use of data, to provide unique research on a particular area or industry.  Often, we are asked to monitor an area or region – this can be monitoring a farm for disease and pestilence or understanding the impacts around ESG.

Certain events can be predicted – including long-range predictions (months in advance) or early warning hours or even days ahead of traditional market reports.


Case Study: Soft Commodities

A client needed to understand the expected crops across millions of hectares - but there was no reliable data available. HSAT worked the client to produce a bespoke solution to monitor the region for the total area of crops planted, and the growth of the crops throughout the year.

Case Study: Fish Farming

To better understand the risks to their stock a client wanted to combine satellite data with terrestrial data and historical reports - HSAT is able to pull together this data and use machine learning to better understand and manage the risks fo fish stock.

Case Study: Ports and Logistics

A client needed to understand the logistics and activities around ports - given the scale of the individual ports and their diverse locations around the world, it wasn't possible to manual check these. HSAT built a solution to monitor these locations and track the key movements, providing alerts when required.

Industries We Work With

We work with a range of industry. Our focus is using data to solve problems. Our team has worked across industries – using a core capability: strong data analytics capabilities to commercial issues.



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