Satellite technology is offering new ways to monitor and improve aquaculture.

HSAT is a Norwegian based start-up that was founded with the objective of using the very latest satellite technology with cutting edge analytics to help businesses.

HSAT is looking for partners to build solutions for and the have funding to support this

Solving Problems for Aquaculture:

HSAT is focused on supporting aquaculture and has been awarded funding from the European Space Agency to build solutions.

This could be alert systems to detect algae blooms,  pollution, water quality, or even changes in currents.

Aquaculture Solutions:

HSAT routinely combine satellite data with different data sources, such as local sensors to provide new insights and detect risks.

Example – We can collate data, from satellites, weather, stock reports, and build algorithms to detect and predict risks so that actions can be taken to protect the stock.

Opportunity: If you have a problem you are trying to resolve: Reducing costs, protecting your fish, or managing your environment HSAT may be able to help you.

HSAT will invest time, resources, and funding into fixing the right problem.

Aquaculture Data and Data Science: 

HSAT can access the latest data from satellites, including – high-quality images that can spot damaged nets, detect pollution, measure water height to the millimeter, and even detect zooplankton.

Our data science team will use this data to drive results and improve decisions.

Contact HSAT and find out if we can invest in building a solution