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Shipping and the English Channel – Two Lanes Seen from Space

3rd February 2021
The image below shows a time series of shipping over the English Channel. This data was collected by combing together hundreds of images from ESAs, Sentinel-1 satell...

Johan – Joins HSAT

2nd February 2021
Johan Bilde - Joins HSAT We are pleased to announce that Johan is joining our team.  Johan is a theoretical physicist by training, with a PhD in solar physics, ...

Peter White – Joins HSAT

1st February 2021
We are pleased to say that Peter White has joined HSAT as our product director. Peter has over 20 years' experience working with complex data sets and successfull...

How Pollution Changed – When Lock Down was Lifted

10th November 2020
When the COVID lockdowns came in spring 2020 the impact on cities was immediate. In the weeks and months that followed data showing how pollution changed was collate...