Farming Practices – ESG and Data Challenges

3rd November 2020
Farming is often criticized for its environmental credentials – it consumes over 70% of the entire worlds freshwater supply, over 30% of the Earth’s land is taken up for crops - however – agriculture feeds over 7 billion people and employs over 30% of the entire global workforce – it is essential to human life.

Satellites – Deforestation

3rd November 2020
Deforestation is a challenge facing the entire world - technology can help.  Satellites, long used for military purposes but are now being used to protect the envir...

ESG Data Gap and Satellites

2nd November 2020
There are significant challenges to quantifying ESG, to know how a company is performing in this area - this is the  "ESG data gap". Satelite data can help close the gap.

Satellites: Radar Satellite Basics

27th September 2020
Radar - in its most basic form involves bouncing radio waves off objects and seeing what comes back.  By understanding the reflection from an objective, radar systems can understand an object and the world around it - with incredible accuracy.