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Satellite: ESA SENTINEL-1

25th July 2020
[audio mp3=""] COPERNICUS AND SENTINEL-1  - BACKGROUND With the ambitious aim of creating a better und...

Satellites: SENTINEL-5

25th July 2020
SENTINEL-5 Overview SENTINEL-5, launched in 2020,  is ESAs fifth mission as part of the Copernicus Programme.  Like its predecessor SENTINEL-4, it is focused on m...

Europe sees drop in NO2 due to Lockdown

25th July 2020
European cities have seen a dramatic drop in Nitrogen Dioxide (No2) levels as a result of the lockdown -  the simple act of reducing transport has transformed the environment.

NO2 Plummets During Lockdown in China

25th July 2020
Satellite images from around the world have shown a dramatic reduction in NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) during the lockdown. The images of China (see below) show the immedi...