Before and After: Hurricane Laura

These images, from NASA, show the impact of Hurricane Laura  – with “before and after” satellite images. The first image was taken on August 13th, the second was taken on August 29th.

Hurricane Laura – Before and After Images

NASA Images Before Flood
Hurricane Laura NASA Images After Flood

240kmph Winds

On August 26th 2020 Hurricane Laura hit the United States with winds of 240 kmph (150 miles per hour). The storm dropped up to 10 inches of rain in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas.

Hurrican Laura – Damage

This hurricane is one of the top ten most powerful hurricanes to hit the US.

Initial estimates are that 6 people were killed due to Hurricane Laura and that damages were between $8 billion and $12 billion.  Moody, the ratings agency, estimates that the true costs (allowing for loss of business, etc) is in excess for $20 billion.

Hurricanes, storms, and typhoons often cause damage on a massive scale  – understanding the scale of this damage is sometimes hard to achieve. This collection of “before and after” images give a sense of scale. 

Satellites Images – NASA

The “false color” images are from NASA’s LANDSAT-8, combining shortwave infrared, near-infrared, and natural color bands. 

This makes it easier to see the flood areas and vegetation.