Case Study: Flooding Pakistan

The 2022 floods in Pakistan killed nearly 2,000 people and devasted farms and buildings. HSAT was able to provide insights into the scale of floods in an entirely new way – with unparalleled speed and scale.



Following the devastation of the Pakistan floods, it was important to understand the production of crops – as this impacts the national and international economy.

Traditional research methods failed due to the scale of the disaster; standard satellite data could not be used – as the rain cloud was so thick it was not possible to see the ground.

HSAT conducted a rapid analysis of Pakistan, including:

  • Visiting over 3,000 fields.
  • Speaking to over 1,000 farmers
  • Conducting surveys of crop factories
  • Using Radar satellites to map the floods
  • Calculating how quickly the floods were disappearing from agricultural land – using remote sensing and field visits

This was all done within 20 days.  The images below show the flooding from drones, our farm visits and a map of our surveys across Pakistan.

The speed and scale of this analysis was a global first

HSAT : Drone Flights Across Pakistan