Case Studies

Case Study: Crop Disease and Irrigation

A client needed to monitor crops for risk of disease and drought/poor irrigation. The scale of the fields and the land overall meant it was not possible to manually check all of the fields every day and drones would have been cost-prohibitive. For this reason, HSAT built a solution that looked at every 10mx10m of every field monitoring the crops health. 

Case Study: Ports and Logistics

A client needed to understand the logistics and activities around ports - given the scale of the individual ports and their diverse locations around the world, it wasn't possible to manual check these. HSAT built a solution to monitor these locations and track the key movements, providing alerts when required.

Case Study: Soft Commodities

A client needed to understand the expected crops across millions of hectares - but there was no reliable data available. HSAT worked the client to produce a bespoke solution to monitor the region for the total area of crops planted, and the growth of the crops throughout the year.

Case Study: Fish Farming

To better understand the risks to their stock a client wanted to combine satellite data with terrestrial data and historical reports - HSAT is able to pull together this data and use machine learning to better understand and manage the risks fo fish stock.