Case Study: Barley Yield France

Using satellite data and weather data to predict the French Barley Yield - months ahead of the market with over 95% accuracy.


Inference:  Our revolutionary crop prediction technology will change how producers and traders understand crops. Our cutting-edge technology monitors and predict...

Case Study: Flooding Pakistan

The 2022 floods in Pakistan killed over 1,500 people and devasted farms and buildings.  We obtained an unparalleled level of understanding of the floods, the reports coming back within hours.  We visited over 2,000 fields, conducted numerous drone surveys, mapped the country with radar data, identified the key producing factories and checked them for flood damage - with drones, radar and "in-person contact".  All of this was done within ten days. 

Case Study: Crop Prediction Thailand

A client needed to understand how much sugar was produced in Thailand ahead of the market. We built an entirely new methodology - providing unique insights for our client.