Commonwealth Countries to Share Satellite Data to Protect Corals

The 54 countries that make up the Commonwealth are to gain free access to satellite data to protect corals

47 of the 54 Commonwealth countries have a coastline and nearly 50% of all of the world’s coral reefs are within the Commonwealth.  As the threats to corals increase and sea temperatures rise, causing coral bleaching and killing corals, there is increasing importance in monitoring and protecting the reefs – with satellite technology providing much of the data

Protecting Coral

Secretary-general of the Commonwealth,  Baroness Patricia Scotland “Whatever we do as a Commonwealth family will make a massive contribution to safeguarding the coral reefs that we are dependent on globally…..We feel this real responsibility around the world. The Commonwealth can change the trajectory of this crisis, if our members are willing to work together, and we will.”

The platform for analysis will be provided to countries free through the Commonwealth’s partnership with Vulcan Inc, a US-based group founded by Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Paul Allen, and a new interactive coral reef map will be hosted online at the Commonwealth Innovation Hub.