Crop Yield and Climate Change Risks – Another Win for HSAT

HSAT has won another major competitive contract, this time to map and predict crop yields on a global scale. This contract from the UK Government will build the global capability to predict crop yields for Wheat, Barley, Sugar, Cotton and Soy. This contract will build on the previous project, which was focused only on crops in the UK.

The aim is simple: Predict crop yields in a timely and effective manner. The reality is much more challenging as it required the following.

HSAT has already built most of these areas and will soon be releasing a dedicated weather service, HSAT now has to bring all of these components together into a single automated solution. All of this has been done in a few short years.    This pace of innovation has been possible due to work with numerous FTSE 250s as well as Space Agencies and Governments, including

AWS has been instrumental in supporting HSAT, providing advice, technology, and access to resources.