ESA Funding

Are you looking to drive innovation in your business?

HSAT has been fortunate enough to be awarded funding from the European Space Agency. The funding is to use satellite data and analytics to drive business decisions.

HSAT will use the ESA funding to invest time, money, and resources to build a solution and drive innovation in your business.

Investing in your business

Three Criteria for HSAT to invest are:

You have a problem that we can solve

There has to be a real problem, that we can solve using advanced analytics and satellite data. This will be something that we work together on.

You don’t need to know the answer, or even know how to find the answer – but just that you have a problem you want to address.

Commercial Value

We only want to build a solution that is going to be of commercial value for the future. I.e this must be a long term issue or one that impacts the wider industry.

Team Collaboration / “Skin in the Game”

To ensure that everyone is focused on building a solution we look for partners to demonstrate that they are invested in the solution – this could be financial, or through commitment of time or resources