ESA Funding

Driving innovation with space agencies. How can we help you?

Using Data | Driving Decision

HSAT has been fortunate enough to win awards and funding from multiple agencies  on multiple occasions including European Space Agency, Norwegian Space Agency and UK Government

The funding is to use satellite data and analytics to drive business decisions.

This funding has allowed HSAT to build multiple global firsts, with the ability to process data on a scale, speed and precious that was not previously considered economically viable.

How can we help you?

    What we have achieved so far....

    Innovation and Operations

    AI and Machine Learning

    • Built global platforms for space agencies.
    • Building the world’s largest database of crops, with over 1,0000 people around the world collecting data.
    • Building AI models with millions of variables
    • Using AI to understand major incidents, including the automation of text, image and audio analysis
    • Bespoke weather alerting for any crop anywhere in the world
    • Rapid collection of “on the ground” data – even in a crisis

    Cloud Engineering and Operations

    • Reduce costs of data collection of crops by over 90%
    • Reduces costs of data processing by over 70%
    • Reduce running costs by over 40%
    • Reduce platform build by over 50%.