The amazon rainforest is suffering from the highest level of deforestation recorded. This is due to a combination of logging and forest fires.

Many of the fires are deliberately started  – to cover up logging and then allow for cattle ranching.


Amazon Deforestation via logging

Replacement of rainforest by cattle ranches releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and as well as preventing its re-absorption back into the forest. The scale of destruction of the Amazon has a significant impact on the wildlife, destroying habitats and endangering species.

In June 2020 2,248 fires were identified in the Brazilian rainforests – this is the highest number in June for a decade and indicates that 2020 is on target to have over 18% more fires than 2019.

2,000 fires is a startling number – with each one being a large and significant fire.  However, to put this devastation in perspective, in August 2019 there were over 30,000 fires. This is 200% more than in 2018.

As 2020 is currently on target to be 18% worse than 2019 August could see over 35,000 fires in the Amazon. 

The image below shows satellite images highlighting  the scale of fires 


Fire in Amazon