Effective environment and social governance is critical for our future. Good ESG policies and processes will not just protect the environment but a company’s bottom line.

A company that is found to be damaging the environment be it logging rainforests for beef, polluting the water, or releasing toxic chemicals will, quite rightly, face media scrutiny.

In the modern world, no reputable brand wants to be engaged in these inappropriate or illegal practices – for both ethical and financial reasons

The challenge is the length and complexity of supply lines. If your buying forests, for carbon credits, do they exist? Are chemicals being released by the plant used by the supplier in a different continent?

New Insights - Satellite Data

Satellite data can address many challenges with ESG that are simply not possible with  other methods

Direct monitoring pollution from plants and factories, in remote and dangerous areas, is not always possible or desirable.

Satellites are able to detect pollutants at a global scale, spotting changes in behavior and providing constant monitoring.

  • Example:  Lunar New Year in China the decrease in pollution due to lack of travel can be detected by satellite, almost immediately. 
  • Example: Forests that are damaged in the Amazon can be spotted by satellite – the speed, nature, and type of damage (logging or fire) can be detected and the results analyzed to demonstrate if this is natural or man-made
  • Example: Pollutants in rivers and seas can be spotted by satellites.

All of the methods available to spot and detect risks to the environment also provide a dramatic deterrent effect.

The simple knowledge of having satellite constantly monitor suppliers for environmental or ethical violations will deter many from unethical practices

HSAT has funding, from the European Space Agency, to build bespoke solutions for ESG.

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