Managed Service

Understanding what has happened or what will happen is more than being provided thousands of pictures for a given day or week – this is about constantly monitoring an area, interpreting the data and comparing this to other known data source such as economic data, currency fluctuations, weather patterns, history trading activity and logistic routes. 

To address these challenges, we provide a managed service which will include:

  • Understanding the core issues, the problem to be solved, and defining potential solutions
  • Identifying all of the required source data
  • Conducting analytics - including building machine learning models
  • Building bespoke dashboards
  • Providing automated reports and alerts – to support decisions
  • Providing ongoing support and advice


Our managed service ensures  that we address the entire problem  - from  the core issues to the end solution.  


  • Confectionary firm: How can we reduce and increase the predictability of the procurement costs for our company:
  • HSAT: We can analysis the market for sugar prices, correlate that to the crops, monitor the major sugar growing regions and provide updated reports on when and where to buy sugar – with advanced understanding of how the harvest is going to be in different regions. If there are significant weather events that could devastate entire harvests, we will provide up to date reports on the real damage, not based on ad-hoc, incomplete information – this will include advice on what could be done to hedge the risks.

  • Insurance Company: How can we better respond to the increasing claims from clients relating to extreme weather events (hurricanes, floods, fires, etc)
  • HSAT: After an event we can provide up to data imagery and the properties damaged – ensuring a swift response to an event and avoid fraudulent claims. We can also look at the increasing risks from fire and flood – providing alerts and updates that can be used to help clients better protect themselves.

  • Carbon Credits: How can we ensure that our investment in forests is effective?
  • HSAT: We will monitor the designated forests, reporting on the scale and quality of the forests, giving advanced notice to any disease and logging that occurs.