ESG - Environment Social and Governance

Monitoring the environment, from logging and climate change to tracking pollution and sea temperatures is, quite literally, what many satellites were built for.

The ability to identify and track the impact of man-made activities on the environment is key for any socially responsible company. Many large companies may unwittingly be damaging their environment due to the large and complex logistics supply chain.

It is not uncommon for well-known and respectable corporations to find out, after many years, that their suppliers were not providing the quality of service required and expected.

Examples of how the supplier in a complex supply chain can damage the environment and brand reputation include:

  • Use of slave labor
  • Illegal deforesting for the purposes of growing cattle
  • Provision of unstainable wood supplies
  • Pollutants dumped into oceans and rivers
  • Carbon Credits being incorrectly recorded, or never existing

In all of these scenarios satellite data, combined with additional risk factors can be used to protect the environment and stop an unscrupulous business from profiting via unethical practices.

 The images below show examples of how the changes in the earth's terrain can be easily seen by satellites and how these changes can be measured in years or weeks.

Changes over Years

Changes in the environment in a matter of weeks due to lockdown