Aquaculture and Fish Farming

Fish Farming is an area that Satellite technology is already supporting a wide variety of industries – the large scale, remote locations and complex subject makers fish farming the ideal candidate for the use of earth observation satellites.

For example, satellites can detect changes in pollution levels, build-up of plankton, currents, wind direction, and the quality of water. This information, combined with local sensors can be built to help protect fish, examples include:

  • Monitoring for pollution levels
  • Predictions of oxygen crashes
  • Current detection
  • Predictions for risks to fish health
  • Prediction and identification of Algae Blooms

HSAT is able to offer these capabilities as a managed service, with the provision of dashboards and alert systems to indicate risk and opportunities. For the larger aquaculture businesses, HSAT can also provide feeds of high-quality data to help improve a wider solution already deployed.


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