HSAT Driving Innovation

Leading Innovation.

HSAT has repeatedly delivered global scale solutions to the most demanding of clients.  This is demonstrated through projects and awards with: Space agencies, technology firms and FTSE 100 clients .

See below for examples of HSAT’s scale and success

Financial Service and Climate Change

HSAT has won funding to build a solution enable financial services (banks, traders and insurance companies) to better manage their risks due to climate change.

This work is based on the requirements of the Bank of England.

HSAT is deploying solutions to help financial services better understand the impact of climate change and food security. This is being achieved by using global scale data sets of weather, satellite and climate data combined with very large scale machine learning models – with trillions of data points.

Global Scale | Petabyte Data Processing | Crop Predictions

HSAT has designed a crop prediction platform, that is unique in scale. The platform, known as Inference – is designed to process hundreds hundreds of terabytes a day. Inference can ingest all satellite imagery for the whole of Europe in in a single day.

This enables entirely new predictions on a scale and speed not previously possible.

This platform was backed and support by the European Space Agency – ESA

Large Scale Data Engineering

HSAT has been fortunate to have significant support from AWS.  Amazon has provided almost unlimited processing power, technical support and strategic advice on deploying solutions.

As HSAT is involved in processing very large data sets, sometimes over a petabyte a day – this poses unique challenges and requires highly specialised skills.

AWS has support HSAT from the start- enabling the improbable to become probable!

Machine Learning and Mobile Apps

HSAT was designed an entirely new way to drive machine learning via mobile applications. This global first was so unique that the Norwegian Space Agency has backed and supported this project.

Supporting Global Clients

HSAT is supporting multiple global clients including some of the worlds largest:

  • Trading companies
  • Food producers
  • Brewers
  • Insurance Companies

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AWS Partner

HSAT is an AWS Partner. The team has been building solutions for over 20 years and has over 30 AWS accreditations and certifications.