Satellites and drones can support the construction industry – reporting delays and identifying risks of critical failures

Satellites, Lidar and drones are increasingly used in construction – before, during and after the project.

From elevation models and geological surveys to modelling the “right to light” and project delays.

Using “Synthetic Aperture Radar” (SAR) from satellites it is now possible to see bridges and buildings move – with millimetre precision – without the use of local sensors. This technology enables the constant monitor of structures for risk of collapse – enabling preventive action to be taken

HSAT – provides services to the construction industry, supporting bespoke projects and managed services.







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Satellites: Radar Satellite Basics

Radar - in its most basic form involves bouncing radio waves off objects and seeing what comes back.  By understanding the reflection from an objective, radar systems can understand an object and the world around it - with incredible accuracy.
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Satellites: More than Just Pictures

Satellites have a wide range of sensors, continuously monitoring the earth's surface, providing a rich and dense source of data that can provide detection of millimetre changes in height, spot subtle changes in pollutants around the world, and report moving vehicles from 600km way.
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Case Study: Ports and Logistics

A client needed to understand the logistics and activities around ports - given the scale of the individual ports and their diverse locations around the world, it wasn't possible to manual check these. HSAT built a solution to monitor these locations and track the key movements, providing alerts when required.
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