Energy and Mining

From monitoring quarries to understanding oil storage  – satellite data has a wide range of uses

Satellite data provides a huge range of benefits to the energy and mining industries, helping to plan, monitor and predict activities.

Satellite data help in planning major projects: Understanding land use, supply routes, logistics, terrain, elevation and biodiversity before any extraction begins


Sites and plants around the world can be monitored to provide data on a wide range of areas including:

  • Activities level at quarries and storage – including the changing depth of quarries
  • Tracking ships –  Even when ships AIS is turned off
  • Movements in structures –  looking for risks to structures .
  • Activity at drilling sites – detecting movement and production
  • Volume of stored materials – metals at depots and oil storage
  • Shifts in ground – with millimetre accuracy. E.g when oil is extracted this movement can be detected.
  • ESG – monitoring for emissions, pollution, water use


Satellite data, together with terrestrial data can help predict changes in supply and demand. From understanding the supply through the production of materials to the demand based on the level of activities of populations and industries.

Energy and Mining

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