Using Data | Predicting Crops

INFERENCE predicts crop harvest in an accurate, reliable and efficient manner. INFERENCE ingests years of data, billions of references points and builds a unique signature for every crop, country by country, pixel by pixel – analysing every 10m of entire continents. Because wheat in Iowa is not the same as wheat in India – we need to be able map and identify each crop.


We can provide levels of accuracy in predicting crops – over 98%. This is through a combination of high-quality data and advanced analytics.

We have invested heavily in collating large volumes of satellite and drone data from multiples sources. We have conducted trillions of calculations to test and back test the results. We know we can provide high levels of accuracy


We know our results will work, as we have tested it over years of historical data in different locations on different crops. We don’t use any single source of data, but multiple data sources. We have a database of “fingerprints” for different crops in different regions


We have invested heavily in building a solution to ingest drone and satellite data and process very high volumes of data, using huge amounts of computing power. Our platform is designed to work with very high volumes data – quickly and efficiently.

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