HSAT builds solutions to address business issues – this varies from providing daily updates on the supply and storage of crops for commodities traders to systems that constantly monitor fish farms providing alerts when there is a risk to the stock   – oxygen crashes, pollutants, algae blooms and more.

Companies need accurate information, readily available – in dashboards, reports and alert systems. 

When we build a solution our service includes: 

  • Understanding the core issues, the problem to be solved, and working with you to define potential solutions
  • Identifying all of the required source data
  • Analytics – including building machine learning models on historical data
  • Building bespoke dashboards
  • Providing automated reports and alerts – to support decisions
  • Providing ongoing support and advice


Our managed service ensures that we address the entire problem  – from the core issues to the end solution.

For many companies, their primary interest is to get access to high-quality information, quickly and reliably to make better decisions.

Decision-makers often don’t want to be involved in satellite selection, interpreting radar backscatter, or creating labelled data sets to build out decisions trees – for this reason, we provide solutions which turn data into information and knowledge.

Can I just have the data feed for my existing solution? 

Yes, HSAT can provide the data with little or no analytics.  In this type of service we would provide the following:

  • Under the requirement
  • Select the correct satellite data
  • Extract the satellite data
  • Extract the information from the satellite data 
  • Provide the relevant data feed

Most satellite data is not human-readable – e.g radar data or spectral analysis or it requires interpretation – e.g calculating the volume of a pile of grain from a stereoscopic image.  HSAT can conduct this interpretation and provide raw data into your existing solution.



How can we protect against algae blooms?

HSAT – We can monitor the relevant areas, looking for signs of Algae Blooms forming and provide an alert system to provide advanced warning.


How can we better respond to the increasing claims from clients relating to extreme weather events (hurricanes, floods, fires, etc)?


  • Before an event – we can monitor the risks from fire and flood to landslide and loss of stock – providing alerts and updates that can be used to help clients better protect themselves and reduce insurance costs.
  • After an event –  we can provide up to data imagery and the properties damaged – ensuring a swift response to an event and avoid fraudulent claims. 

We need to know the expected yield of wheat and how much is being stored in silos and warehouses.

HSAT – We can monitor individual fields, regions or entire countries – using a combination of optical and radar imagery combined with terrestrial sensors and historical data to predict yields.  Accuracy for certain crops ranges from 88% to 95%.

ESG and Carbon Credits

How can we ensure that our investment in forests is effective and it’s not being illegally logged?

HSAT – We will monitor the designated forests, reporting on the scale and quality of the forests, giving advanced notice to any risks – disease, fire or logging that occurs.