Climate Change Risks – HSAT Wins Another Award

HSAT has won another award.

Following a highly competitive process HSAT has been awarded a contract with the UK government predict how crop yields will be impacted as a result of climate change.

This data will be used to support financial services – namely traders and insurance companies as well as wider national security.

In a just a few years HSAT has won awards from:

In addition to this HSAT is building the world’s largest database of crops.

This is all possible to the due to the pace of innovation


Why is Crop Data Needed?

When the price of foods rise it impacts the poorest most and social unrest can occur.  As a result, the pricing of crops is critical to local communities and global trade.

Climate change is impacting the production of food from the floods in China to the drought in Kansas . As the climate changes, traditional models stop working – so a wide variety of entities need this data.   From NGOs and insurance companies to Governments and traders.

The UK government recognises this and has provided HSAT with a contract to build a solution for this.