Predicting Crop Yields

Soft Commodities Predicting Yields

Satellite data, combined with analytics, is offering new ways to improve predictions

Using the latest satellite technology and advanced analytics highly accurate crop yield predictions can be obtained.

HSAT has funding from the European Space Agency to build solutions for soft commodities.

ESA funds it. HSAT builds it. You use it. 

New Insights. Accurate Results.

HSAT can work on all common soft commodities. Rice, barley, wheat, sugar, oilseeds. HSAT and can even separate sugar from cassava

9^5 ACcuracy for Crop YieldsVery high levels of accuracy can be obtained – over 96%+. 

This is through a  combination of high-quality data and advanced analytics.

HSAT invests heavily in creating high quality labeled data – specifically for your project, for your crop in your country – using local surveys and UAVs

Read about how HSAT can obtain such high levels of accuracy here

HSAT has an investment from the European Space Agency to build solutions and drive innovation

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