The image below is from Utah’s Great Salt Lake, taken with SENTINEL-2 

This image was taken on 17 March 2019 by ESA’s Sentinel-2

The lake, which is the largest saltwater lake in the western hemisphere, is fed by three rivers: Jordan, Bear and Weber flow. Combined they put in over 1 million tonnes of minerals into the lake. As the lake has no outlet, its “endorheic”, the water evaporates resulting in the high levels of salinity 

The distinct color differences in the lake are caused by the Lucin Cutoff, an east-west causeway built to create a shorter route. The railroad line is visible as a sharp line cutting across the top part of the lake. This acts as a dam, preventing the waters to mix, leading to the north basin having a much higher salinity than the southern, freshwater side of the lake.

The bright, turquoise colours visible on both sides of the lake are evaporation ponds, from which various salts are collected in commercial operations.