GOES-17 is the second satellite of the R-Series and works alongside GOES-16.

G-OES-17 has the same instruments as GOES-16 and will be focusing on providing high quality, near-real-time updates on the weather and the environment. It is collecting data at 4 times the resolution and 5 times faster than previous generations and will be monitoring the west coast of the US, with GOES-16 monitoring the east coast – together they cover the whole of the western hemisphere. 

It was originally called GOES-S, until it was launched in 2018  and put into orbit and then renamed GOES-17. It is already providing results and data, including combined results with G-16 and helping firefighters to predict and prepare for forest fires.  

GOES 17 has a high orbit of 35,700km just, almost identical to that of GOES-16 and comparable to ESA’s SENTINEL-4.