Weather Alerts for Crops

We provide weather monitoring and alerting for crops around the world.   We can provide this in several ways:

Simple Thresholds

This is a simple alert based on a variable, such as a temperature, going above or below a defined value or threshold

For example

  • The temp is above 40 C for cotton fields in Pakistan or below -1 for sugarbeet in Germany.

These thresholds can be over any given time – e.g if could be the “max” temp the day, or  if the average temp for a day, or a month goes above a give temperature.


We can build more complex alerts, looking at the cumulative values over time.

For example

  • Culmaive rain over a 4-week period
  • Total solar hours over an 8-week growing season


LTA Deviations

In addition to simple thresholds and cumulative alerts we can build this in combination with data from the Long Term Average. – LTA

For example

  • If the rain in June is 10% below the LTA for June



We can also provide alerts based on an understanding of the crop.


  • If the rain in France is below the optional amount for barley

We can also provide reports and graphs in easy to read email  – giving you insights and not data.


Alert Method


Alerts can be sent out via a variety of methods including

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Teams/Slack Notifications

We can also use more sophisticated alerting based on the risk. For example, if the issue is minor we can send an email and if it’s more urgent we can send an email and a text/SMS message.


Impact v Riks

When monitoring large-scale areas, e.g monitoring France for Barley or India for Sugar we can provide alerts and updates based on impact as well as risk.


  • Two barley growing departments in of France are suffering from a lack of rain and the forecast shows no rain in the next 10 days., this will damage the barley. However those departments normally have low production and so the risk is high, but the impact is low.