Weather Services

We provide weather monitoring and reporting services. This includes past, present and future weather data

 Our services are bespoke: We provide weather for specific locations and crops and not just generic areas.

We build customized alerts for each crop and location. If we monitor the sugar fields in Brazil we don’t just monitor Brazil, or “Brazil farmland” – we monitor the sugar fields in Brazil, region by region.

We will provide you all the past and present data, as well as forecast. We also build customized alerts for each region of sugar fields – so you know if the weather is good or bad. Crop by crop, region by region, day by day.

Our unique understanding of crops, weather and large-scale data analytics allows us to provide this service.  

We can even visit the fields in the area and check on the quality if needed, we have over 1,000 staff from Brazil to Bangladesh visiting locations and collecting data on crops.